Fencing in Laikipia


Man and animal have always coexisted peacefully, but because of our ever-expanding footprint, human-wildlife conflicts in Laikipia, Kenya. Normally, fences are associated with segregation and separation. But here in Laikipia, fences don’t offend - they defend and this commercial highlights the importance of fences, why they're needed, what needs to be done to help increase their number throughout Laikipia.

Directed by: Brian L. Tan "BLT"
Music by: Cody Westheimer
Produced by: Joan Nthiga & Paul Benson
Executive Producer: Peter Hetz
Voiceover by: Joan Nthiga
Camera Assistant: Soraya Rais
Production Assistant: Denis Ndegwa
Edited by: Brian L. Tan "BLT", AJ Brandtneris
Post Production Coordinator: Derek Sherwood
Post Production Assistant: Eduardo Estrada, Natsha Walker, Migwa Nthiga
Special thanks: Nature in Stock, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya Wildlife Service, Ol Maisor Ranch, Matigari Community Fence Committee, Mathira Community Fence Committee, ADC Mutara, Tropic Air, Kenneth R. McVay, Michael Dyer