Chasing Perfection


You've seen the car commercials, the car races, and the car chases - But have you seen the Chase Car itself?

This is the second of three spots for Chase Car Inc featuring their brand new Porsche Panamera Turbo Camera Crane Car. This commercial shows the kind of work that you've probably seen in commercials and films for years, but not the car and crew behind it.

The Panamera Turbo is one of the fastest camera cars with a crane out there, and will add unprecedented production value to your commercial, documentary, short film, music video, feature, and more.

Directed by: Brian L. Tan "BLT"
Produced by: JP Castel
Executive Producers: Marshall Chabot, Jon Chabot, Jay Huffschmidt
Starring: Eddie Marazzito, Steve 'Doc' Bernard, Cassie Brooksbank
Narrated by: Jerry Bucker
Music by: Tony Fiala
VFX Supervisor: Joseph Silva
CG Supervisor: Michael Kelley

Panamera Camera Car:
Director of Photography: Victor Huber
1st AC: Ambar Capoor
Crane Operator: Ryan Spaeth
Remote Tech: Gilbert Alvarado
Driver: Jon Chabot

Cayenne Camera Car:
Director of Photography: Scott Kassenoff
1st AC: Craig Devereux
2nd Unit Director: JP Castel
Driver: Marshall Chabot

Behind the Chase Crew:
Director of Photography: Graham Robbins
Camera Operator: Nar Lavoni
Camera Operator: Cassie Brooksbank
Camera Assistant: Andrew Duggan
Boom & Sound Mixer: Chris Wilson
Production Coordinator: George Prado
Production Assistants: Georgina Bekerian, Sean French
Red Epic Package & DIT: Jeff McCoy
Still Photographers: Steve 'Doc' Bernard, Sanjay Belani
Grip & Lighting Equipment by: Bob Mayberry
Porsches provided by: Beverly Hills Porsche
Mercedes SLS AMG, Nissan GT-R, Ford Focus provided by: Motor Trend

Post Production:
Music by: Tony Fiala
Additional Music & Guitar by: Frank IV
Sound Design by: Steve 'Doc' Bernard, Michael Huang
VFX Compositor: Brian Carney
VFX Graphic & Title Designer: Michael Kelley
End Credits Designer: Michael Kelley
Logo Graphic Designer: JP Castel
Editors: Adam Hall, Brian L. Tan "BLT"
Colorists: Aaron Hall, Joseph Silva
Poster Designer: Dina Fiala
Post Production Manager: Katryna Shattuck
Post Production Supervisor: Adam Hall

Special Thanks To:

Bill Bennett A.S.C., Beverly Hills Porsche, Chase Car Inc, 24 Frame Productions, MJ Productions, Shotgun Software, Audrey Lo, Michael Grant, Red Studios, Willow Springs Raceway, SirReel, Motor Trend, Edward Loh, Nicole Arnell, Lloyd 'Poits' Burt, George Wang, Ryan Mayeda, Alex Valentine, Michael Cheng, Andrea Dondanville, Andrea Pasquettin

Dedicated to John 'Otto' Williamson - RIP: 1945 to 2013